Ordered before 12:00 on Mon-Fri, delivered the next day. (except custom work and Holidays). Do not deliver on Sunday. Delivery costs € 6.95 within the Netherlands.

Why our macarons?

What makes our macarons special. Why should you choose our macarons and not the cheap macarons from the supermarket?

We have two different pastry chefs for our macarons. Namely Coup de Pates from France and a very good pastry chef from Belgium. Coup de Pates located in FERRIERE-EN-BRIE. The pastry chefs working at Coup de Pates spend a lot of time on research and development. Tradition and development is the beautiful combination of this company.

the tastiest macaroons

The macarons are expertly made with the best natural ingredients. The eggs used are from free range chickens. The quality of the macaron lies in the quality of the ingredients and the craftsmanship of the pastry chefs. These beautiful macarons have the property, just like good wine, that you can taste them long after you have eaten them. You can taste the delicious taste of the almonds that are used in the cookies for a long time. The flavors of the fillings are natural, fresh and full of flavour.

The macarons are quickly deep-frozen after production in France, so that all the flavor is preserved. The macarons arrive frozen and we defrost them before they are sent to you. They are then just as if they were just made. Wonderfully fresh, crispy with a creamy inside.

pastry chef's macarons

We always deliver the macarons from France as a mix of flavors (6 flavors). Because many customers also need sometimes only 1 flavor of macaron or color for an occasion, we started looking for a producer where we could also purchase per flavor or color. A Belgian pastry chef now makes this for us at the quality level we want and is comparable to Coup de Pates.

We will always mention whether it concerns French or Belgian macarons.